The 5×5 Solution for Health and Strength

In 90 minutes a week you can develop a powerful, capable body. With simplified eating practices, keeping the proper weight becomes trivial. The combination of proper diet and exercise gives you vitality.

Sample page showing a few of the key exercises and their variations

I often hear people say that they’d exercise, but they just don’t know what to do. Or they’d like to lose weight but they just don’t have the right plan or know how or what to cook. The Internet is great, but it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to process all the information that’s out there.

And then there’s the doubt. Am I doing the right thing? Could I be getting better results?

I remember sitting in a lecture on program design and thinking, “How the hell am I going to put all this information together to train myself and others?”

Finally I stumbled upon movement-based training and how to put together training programs based on big, functional movements that train a lot of the body all at once. And that’s when it all clicked.

So I started putting together simple programs that have consistently kept me way stronger than I’ve ever needed to be. I never struggle with lugging around the kids—whether it’s having the energy or having the strength. Nor do I ever struggle with any physical task I encounter in my daily life, even if it’s well outside the parameters of a typical day, for example volunteering on a large-scale clean up project or helping someone move.

The fact is, the fitness industry complicates things in an effort to sell more. It’s a feature and a failure of capitalism—to keep people buying and feeling the need for more, a simple concept like getting stronger and healthier is made to be more complex.

What I’ve done here is taken several simple concepts from people like Steve Maxwell, Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, and Reg Park and combined them all together in something that is small, simple, and easy-to-follow.

You train two days per week. You pick exercises that fall into major movement patterns. You push yourself enough to get a training effect. You get stronger and healthier.

And I understand that for some people it’s a matter of changing habits. So I always include my key habit change information to assist with forming the correct mental equivalent that helps you think of yourself as someone who is strong and healthy, compelling you to do the right things.

I’ve whittled this key information down into fewer than 30 densely-packed pages. It’s a quick read and an easy reference. And at just $4.95, it’s an incredible bargain.

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