Things that screw you down the line

I write this channeling my Supply Chain professor. His colorful language can quickly convey meaning and is amusing to me. Anyway, what can possibly screw you down the line? Sitting too much and not moving enough. We sit too much. No doubt. We gotta get up and move. But walking isn’t enough. We need to “take” exercise like… Read More »

Yard work, playing with kids, and a return of the Gout

Friday night. My parents took our 3.5 year-old and with one kid in tow we headed to what turned out to be an excellent Indian restaurant. We got the non-vegetarian meal not realizing there would be no vegetables whatsoever and just meat. It tasted great, but I felt a little gunky afterwards. Later that night I was doing… Read More »

Flappy feet, phone distraction, and simplicity

A big leader at work recently wrote on phone distraction. He described the behavior of other executives at a meeting, but he described the behavior of many people in meetings and many other situations. People were distracted scrolling through their phones. The other day there was also an article in the NY Times Well section. The message was… Read More »

Spring time training changes

When the warmer weather comes in, things change. It’s lighter longer. It’s warmer. You can go outside without freezing your you know what off. So, naturally, it’s a time for change. In this case, some brief analysis of some problem areas: lower legs, ankles, feet, and neck. These are areas that are weak. My legs are too strong,… Read More »

Instantly stronger with feed forward tension

I picked up on this technique from Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People. Basically, you do the exercise without any weights and control the degree of muscular activation. By that I mean degree and quantity. For example, the barbell military press. You consider your foot position, your posture, your shoulder positioning, you’re driving your elbows into your lats… Read More »

Nervous system aggravation

The nervous system is where it is at. It’s vitality. Things that weaken it include lack of poise, poor food, and over training. It’s suboptimal to have a run-down nervous system. Here I’m going to talk about calmness, exercise, and eating and how they affect your nervous system. Really, this is about vitality and how doing doing these… Read More »

Kids getting sick and then you getting sick

This year we all stayed healthier. Perhaps it was the combination of the warmer winter and healthier immune systems (that is, being able to sleep—last winter Ruby was still waking us up routinely). Until just this last weekend. We had pink eye, ear infections, and a nasty cold. The kind that makes your body ache and gives you… Read More »

The Benefits of Dynamic stretching

There is really no good way to write about this topic—you just need a video. But one thing that should be in text form is the benefits. The benefits of dynamic stretching. It’s one of those things that’s hard, but when you do it, you just feel better. It really makes the muscles of the legs feel strong,… Read More »