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Learn to Live an Active Lifestyle

Let’s say you live in a walkable community. You walk to the grocery store. Carry your groceries home. You garden. You do all your own cleaning and cooking. You play with your kids. In addition to this, you eat sensibly, stopping when full and avoiding excessive sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. This moderate approach to life will keep relatively… Read More »

Aging: Much of It is in the Mind

The mind is powerful beyond belief. A day of negative thoughts can absolutely destroy my strength and endurance levels. Worry, fear—all weak emotions that serve no useful purpose—quickly deteriorate performance. It makes you wonder what type of performance decline corporate America has experienced with the glut of negativity these days. Yet, despite obvious negative side effects to using… Read More »

Bruce Lee’s Bare Bones Fitness Advice

Originally, this page started to list some recommendations found in Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do. It’s since evolved to include any type of fitness activity that can be incorporated relatively seamlessly as part of daily activity. Have a suggestion? Please use the contact form. We all know Bruce Lee as the incredibly fast and powerful martial… Read More »

Preya / Shreya: What it is and why it’s important

In a college meditation class, I learned a concept that I thought was very sensible–preya vs. shreya. Preya: What we like, what pleases us, what makes us feel good, not worrying about the consequences to actions. Shreya: Keeping the consequences in mind, forgoing a momentary pleasure to attain a lasting benefit. Source In what category do you find… Read More »

If You Desire Success, Avoid Quick Fix Solutions

This January 1st, many people will be setting fitness resolutions. Lose weight, look better, get stronger, be consistent with exercise. Many will fail. Later in the year, many of the same people—and perhaps another group of people who didn’t bother with the New Year’s resolution—will attempt to “get in shape for summer.”

Exercise vs. Training

I’ve been exercising consistently again after moving back to Wisconsin. It’s just been exercise though—not training. There’s a difference. Maybe it’s just a difference in my head, but it’s instructive to think of this difference when you’re planning you’re long term approach to life and body ownership.

Have we lost our edge?

Many of us are living in countries where physical survival pressures have disappeared. There’s not a compelling need to gather firewood for the harsh winter. We’re not concerned about finding drinking water. In the desert, we’re not even concerned about wasting water to support artificial lawns. That’s how far we’ve come. But have we lost our edge?

Health: Absence of Disease?

The health care debate—Obamacare—rages on. Public option? Co-op? How do we address the rising costs of health care? This essay in the New York Times, To Overhaul the System, ‘Health’ Needs Redefining suggests we start by redefining what we consider health.