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A Little Advice About Eating

When you’re cooking at home, one essential is proper storage. Forget plastic. Get glass. Most food stores well for 2-3 days. When cooking, plan your meals out so you don’t have too many leftovers that you can’t possibly consume. If a meal is going to give too many leftovers, freeze immediately the leftovers you don’t think you’ll consume… Read More »

Messed Up Eating

Eating is all messed up right now. Big agriculture is a blessing and a curse and we eat too much, eat incorrectly, and it shows. Here are some tips: Eat in accordance to what you expend Eat simple foods – beans and rice, meat and salad, bread and butter, fruit and yogurt (yogurt without sugar added – read… Read More »

Using Food as a Reward, I Deserve this

I’ve been busy lately. Being a parent changes everything. There is so much more you are responsible for. You work harder because you want to. You’re a family now. It’s cool. But man, it’s a lot of work. And I’ve been going to school and taken on a new role at work. So, you work hard, and suddenly… Read More »

The Lunch Meal

Larry sat down at the table and grabbed the menu. His mouth was watering. It’d been a long morning at the office—three hour long meetings with only a half hour break in between. “I’ll have a burger, fries, and baked potato soup,” he told the waitress eagerly. Twenty-five minutes later the food had arrived and had been consumed.… Read More »

Back on Tilden – How to Eat and Think

I’ve frequently referenced Tilden’s Toxemia Explained on this site. However, Tilden wrote several other books, and the ones I am reading right now which are called simply Food volume 1 and 2. It’s not about what to eat as it is about how to eat and how to think. Anger, jealousy, greed, and other emotions are no-no’s for… Read More »

Adult Pacifiers: They Keep Holding us Back

As kids, we’re given pacifiers to, well, pacify us. Funny thing—most adults don’t differ from kids in this respect. The only thing that differs is the pacifiers we use. Adults use “sophisticated” pacifiers—food, drink, smoke, chew, and countless other things we stick in our mouth, watch with our eyes, and do with our hands and our bodies. Sure,… Read More »

Learn to Live an Active Lifestyle

Let’s say you live in a walkable community. You walk to the grocery store. Carry your groceries home. You garden. You do all your own cleaning and cooking. You play with your kids. In addition to this, you eat sensibly, stopping when full and avoiding excessive sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. This moderate approach to life will keep relatively… Read More »