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Writing about different exercise techniques you can try.

Focus and 5×5

When I was a kid visiting my grandma and grandpa’s house, the silence was palpable. It was an old farmhouse with not a lot of electronics and the only entertainment was a VHS player with some movies I found uninteresting. That kind of calm now is what so many of us need. Calm and focus. Calm and focus.… Read More »

The benefits of the back off week

I think I learned about this concept from Pavel Tsatsouline. The idea is to give yourself a rest every fourth week. You push yourself and then you rest. Whenever I’ve seen this protocol, it’s given that you do a percentage of the weight you were handling in the previous weeks. I typically just stretch, do joint mobility, and… Read More »

Progressing with 5×5

The clearest exercise instruction I’ve ever gotten is from Pavel Tsatsouline. 3-5 exercises for the whole body, 3-5 days between exercise sessions, 3-5 minutes between sets, 3-5 reps. 3-5 sets. What made it even more clear was a YouTube video from Elliot Hulse. Something like, Do these four exercises and be really fucking strong: squat, deadlift, chin, dip.… Read More »

5×5 ish training notes and video

I’ve been keeping it simple: 3-5 sets, 3-5 reps, 3-5 exercises. The main exercises are deadlifts, dips, squats, and chin ups. In that order. I was doing this two days per week, using a thickbar for the deadlift, for about 3 months. Lately, I’ve changed the second workout to incorporate some overhead pressing and soon some t-bar rows.… Read More »

Taking a rest—a good thing

Push, push, push. Seems to be the American way. Push, push, push leaves no time for relaxation and reflection…and integration. How can you integrate what’s been learned without pausing to let it assimilate? In training this is called the back off week. It keeps you from overdoing it. It’s like this: three weeks on, one week off. The… Read More »