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Talking about strength and being strong and how to be strong.

Yard work, playing with kids, and a return of the Gout

Friday night. My parents took our 3.5 year-old and with one kid in tow we headed to what turned out to be an excellent Indian restaurant. We got the non-vegetarian meal not realizing there would be no vegetables whatsoever and just meat. It tasted great, but I felt a little gunky afterwards. Later that night I was doing… Read More »

Instantly stronger with feed forward tension

I picked up on this technique from Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People. Basically, you do the exercise without any weights and control the degree of muscular activation. By that I mean degree and quantity. For example, the barbell military press. You consider your foot position, your posture, your shoulder positioning, you’re driving your elbows into your lats… Read More »

Nervous system aggravation

The nervous system is where it is at. It’s vitality. Things that weaken it include lack of poise, poor food, and over training. It’s suboptimal to have a run-down nervous system. Here I’m going to talk about calmness, exercise, and eating and how they affect your nervous system. Really, this is about vitality and how doing doing these… Read More »

How fast do you need to progress?

I used to always increase the weight in my lifts. The problem is that muscles react fast, but tendons and ligaments don’t. So, inevitably one day I’d realize I’d done some damage and then I’d have an injury and have to recover. Gradually, over time, I’ve learned to dial this urge back. What’s the point of lifting more… Read More »

Plenty of strength for daily life

There is a line in Pavel Tsatsouline’s Beyond Stretching book that goes like this, “Americans don’t think they can be flexible enough, but the truth is you only need flexibility just a bit beyond the range your sport demands.” It’s interesting that Pavel doesn’t think the same way about strength. I agree that strength is important, but there… Read More »

Developing Real Strength

I was big—so it was no surprise when my strength was summoned to help move a large shake machine back in my Burger King days (a long time ago!). As my side of the machine sagged, a person not known for mincing words said in no uncertain terms my muscles were not that impressive. It was the second… Read More »

Strength Along the Spine

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of overhead supported lifts. Things like the Turkish get up, the windmill, and standing overhead holds. Today walking out of the store carrying a bag of heavy groceries in each hand, I felt particularly strong and stable. The reason for this, is that all the muscles along my spinal are strong. Really… Read More »