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Baby Don’t Need No Kettlebell

One of my favorite Steve Maxwell stories is from a Ryan Lee Boot Camp. Steve Cotter and some other guy were on stage demonstrating kettlebells along with Steve Maxwell. Cotter and this other dude were tossing a 70 pound kettlebell back-and-forth flipping it through the air while doing swings. They were obviously showing off. After they finished, Steve… Read More »

Review: Fit Bit Zip

Think you’re walking enough? Are you sure? I’ve written before about the importance of tracking and measuring things to make progress. Knowing how much you walk is extremely important knowledge about your activity level. A great way to track your steps and measure your progress is to get a Fit Bit. I have the Fit Bit Zip. It’s… Read More »

Iron Mind Dip and Chin Belt

So, you can do your pull ups, chins, and dips almost effortlessly. You’re wondering: what’s next? Well, you could do more reps. More reps is always an option, but the more reps you do, the more time it takes. Besides, you want a really strong upper body. I say, add weight. If you want a strong and powerful… Read More »

Review: Lifeline Weighted Speed Rope

Jumping rope is a great exercise, jump ropes travel well (as shown above), and jump ropes help you develop your feet, ankles, and calves, as well as your wind. Sure, big arms are cool. But, in the grand scheme of things, big arms aren’t really that important. What is important is foot, ankle, and calf strength. Many people… Read More »

Reasons to Buy a Swiss Ball

I support the idea of a minimalist gym. There are a few items, however, that I don’t like doing without. One of those items is a Swiss Ball. A Swiss Ball is worth owning just for doing backbends on it. Because so many of us spend the majority of our days hunched over in one way or another,… Read More »

Review: Lifeline Jungle Gym

The Jungle Gym isn’t what you think at first. It’s not that thing you used to play on when you were a kid. It’s just a strap with a few pieces of plastic. But, that strap opens up a world of exercise possibilities, makes exercise on the road easier, and makes exercise at home more effective. It’s lightweight,… Read More »

Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar Review

When buying things online, particularly things that cost in the hundreds of dollars, you want to be careful. I was skeptical about the Trapeze Rigging pull up bar, but it delivers. What I Like About the Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar It assembles in under a minute. If you don’t have a place for your pull up bar… Read More »

The Way to Live

The Way to Live—it’s a book. I’m not becoming a guru and preaching from on high. The guy who wrote the book, George Hackenschmidt, lived to be 90 years old. Hackenschmidt lived a most unusual and colorful life. He’s travelled the world, known intimately presidents and kings. Well educated, in later years he became a writer and lecturer… Read More »