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Hand and forearm strength saves the day

It’s all about being strong and capable. I mean, really. No one wants to be weak and incapable, right? Of course not. So that brings me to the impromptu wrestling match with my 18 year old, athletic, nephew. Each year it’s like a test of strength. This year, shit, he was stronger again! I knew it’d be different… Read More »

The week – training, stress, busyness

Over last weekend the servers on which the application that our team has spent the last 2 years developing crashed. Major IT infrastructure failure. 7 days laters things still aren’t right. If’s fucked with my head, no doubt. It’s a big deal and we have people relying on our application – somewhat critical. It does make me think,… Read More »

An invitation to calmness and poise

Last night I achieved a wonderful state of peace during meditation. Then I went to sleep. In the interim between wakefulness in sleep, my mind kicked up its activity. During the day, of course, I was not always calm or self aware. Probably not dissimilar from most people. Many thoughts, many projects, many details, not always as focused.… Read More »

The iPosture

Saw this article in the New York Times the other day about posture and self esteem. You know how so many people are hunched over their mobile devices. Yeah—it’s pathetic. And, it might be destroying your posture, too. But the NYT article goes a bit further. It’s kind of like when you smile you feel better. The physical… Read More »

Are you strong?

Dude how much can you bench? A popular refrain I recall hearing…in high school, and maybe a few years beyond. Then the decades passed—yes almost decades plural. Part of the idealism of youth being replaced with the practicality of experience. Reminds me when my dad told me that old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.… Read More »

What is the purpose of training?

I started exercising in 1994. Perhaps that was the age where my level of activity reduced enough where some external stimulus was needed? Who knows, but there is some fundamental truth to that: for most of us, exercise is something we need to offset an otherwise sedentary, non-physical life. That is not the main purpose of exercise for… Read More »

Things that screw you down the line

I write this channeling my Supply Chain professor. His colorful language can quickly convey meaning and is amusing to me. Anyway, what can possibly screw you down the line? Sitting too much and not moving enough. We sit too much. No doubt. We gotta get up and move. But walking isn’t enough. We need to “take” exercise like… Read More »

Flappy feet, phone distraction, and simplicity

A big leader at work recently wrote on phone distraction. He described the behavior of other executives at a meeting, but he described the behavior of many people in meetings and many other situations. People were distracted scrolling through their phones. The other day there was also an article in the NY Times Well section. The message was… Read More »