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Focus and 5×5

When I was a kid visiting my grandma and grandpa’s house, the silence was palpable. It was an old farmhouse with not a lot of electronics and the only entertainment was a VHS player with some movies I found uninteresting. That kind of calm now is what so many of us need. Calm and focus. Calm and focus.… Read More »

Feeling vital, a story about PVCs

As soon as the walk light flashed orange and told me I had 16 seconds to cross, I sprinted. Well, sprint is relative–I had a 20 pound backpack on. But I hustled, and it was just a reaction. I was feeling good and ready for the physical challenge. I am feeling vital. A bunch of different stuff happened.… Read More »

Focus (again)

I’ve written about this topic several other times, even using the title “focus”. Hence, Focus (again). It’s an important topic and I find I need to continually remind myself about it. As a younger dude, I would be keen on too much variety. But focus in training is essential. Focus in life is essential. I have Stuart Briscoe… Read More »

Morning deadlifts

Every now and then I get on a deadlift kick. Five days per week, as specified in power to the people by Pavel Tsatsouline. Just a simple linear cycle two sets of five, a working set and a back off set. I’ve worked up to decent weights this way but staying light right now. So, what I do… Read More »

Disciplined thoughts in the face of mounting pressure

You know I’ve been writing about kids and family and work and school. All these things put pressure on time and energy. Kids are the toughest (mine are young) because of the sleep situation. By far the greatest challenge has been sleep. Even now, at 8 months, Ruby sometimes wakes up 4 or 5 times a night. It’s… Read More »

Current Training and Stuff

My favorite time to train right now is between 8 or 10 in the morning. A lot of times I have conference calls in the morning. I’ll take these calls from home and then when they’re finished, exercise. Or, I’ll do stretches while I’m on the call. Two days per week I do weights in my home gym.… Read More »

The Decade of the 30’s

I haven’t been writing much lately. Family, work, school. Having kids is a real eye-opener. I never suspected how much work it would be. It’s wonderful, but time is a precious commodity. Quite a while ago I quit Facebook and generally stopped going to sites that endlessly scroll. Any website or app that you can scroll indefinitely is… Read More »

Rear Wheel Drive for Humans

Following lunch, I sat at my desk, hunched over and reading news. A somewhat guilty pleasure and I also like to be informed. It dawned on me that my posture sucked and my butt was sore from sitting all morning long. “Get up!” a voice in my head screamed. Then I began thinking about an article I read… Read More »

The Dread of Night (the fear of fatigue)

“I dread the night,” my wife told me at one point a few months after our first child was born. Do you remember those days? Are you going through them now? You hear the little one cry out–fear shoots up and down your spinal cord, “Oh God, am I gonna have to get up?” If you’re lucky, you… Read More »

A Favor: Would you please take this survey?

I’ve been doing this site for quite a while and want to know if my stuff is valuable and what else you’d like to see. So, I put together a short survey that’ll take you less than 1 minute to complete. Could you help me out? Survey