Reflections on Being a Dad for a Little Over a Year

The last year has brought with it unfathomable change. You just can’t know what having a kid will do to your routine, to your sleep, to your … [Read more...]

The Benefit of Keeping a Journal

20 years now—that’s how long I’ve been keeping a journal. I can tell you what I did on this day (or close to it) 20 years ago. Some of this … [Read more...]

Strength for Daily Living

I traveled via airplane recently and man did I feel good about my training. I schleped those bags around without issue. I wasn't tired. I didn't eat a … [Read more...]

Overcome Negative Body Consciousness By Understanding Your Body Type

When busy chasing societal body image goals, it is tempting to forget your body type and damage your body and mind. What’s your body type, you … [Read more...]

How can I be more efficient?

David Schwartz wrote this awesome book called The Magic of Thinking Big. It’s a book designed to rewire your thinking patterns to achieve more. It … [Read more...]

In the morning I wake up and…

Fill in the blank? What do you do? The morning is an interesting time. I remember when I was laid off from work and decided to use my mornings to … [Read more...]

The Morning Recharge

A great way to get energized immediately in the morning is to develop a morning recharge. Something that gets you going for the day. Something … [Read more...]

My Experiences with Addiction (Lessons Learned)

“I’m just gonna have three drinks,” I promised my girlfriend at the time. Then, when the third went down easy and fast, I ordered a fourth. And … [Read more...]

Under the weather (getting sick)

I had a great run. Over a year without getting sick. I'd gotten run down, sure, but nothing lasting over a day. Then four weeks ago, I got sick. I … [Read more...]


You might have read elsewhere on this site how I gave up coffee using the attraction/repulsion routine. You might read that and I think I can turn off … [Read more...]