Parenthood: How a new father has stayed healthy and strong

I’m a no excuses kind of person. I’m quick to blame myself and if I catch myself trying to blame something else, I am usually quick to realize … [Read more...]

How to Drink Alcohol (and develop a good alcohol habit)

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Understanding Nerve Energy for a Healthy and Vigorous Life

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John Tilden Took a Tough View on Health and Wellness, One that is Needed Today

He focused heavily on diet, but his writings on diet bled into morality and constituted an overall way of being. He didn’t mince his words and … [Read more...]

Thoughts while on a cleanse

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People who say they don’t have time are liars

Let’s get right into this, shall we? Here are some lack-of-time lies you'll hear: "I don't have enough time to plant a garden." "I don't have … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned from Steve Maxwell

If you don't know who Steve Maxwell is, I implore you to look at his site and find out. He's an amazing man. I met Steve in 2003 at Dragon Door's … [Read more...]

Take 15 Minutes to Slow Down for Mental and Physical Health

In June and July, I started getting heart palpitations. Instead of saying, "I'm getting old," or running off to the doctor in a panic, I started … [Read more...]

How to Be More Conscious

Recently I fell back into a habit of having 2-3 drinks over the weekend. Then, family came into town for four weeks and I began to have drinks during … [Read more...]