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Rear Wheel Drive for Humans

Following lunch, I sat at my desk, hunched over and reading news. A somewhat guilty pleasure and I also like to be informed. It dawned on me that my posture sucked and my butt was sore from sitting all morning long. “Get up!” a voice in my head screamed. Then I began thinking about an article I read… Read More »

The Dread of Night (the fear of fatigue)

“I dread the night,” my wife told me at one point a few months after our first child was born. Do you remember those days? Are you going through them now? You hear the little one cry out–fear shoots up and down your spinal cord, “Oh God, am I gonna have to get up?” If you’re lucky, you… Read More »

A Favor: Would you please take this survey?

I’ve been doing this site for quite a while and want to know if my stuff is valuable and what else you’d like to see. So, I put together a short survey that’ll take you less than 1 minute to complete. Could you help me out? Survey

The Culture Around You

The other day my friend Nick Lynch and his family stopped over. Most of my friends are into fitness, so it was no surprise the portable pull up came up from the basement and Nick was showing me his progress on muscle ups. But it wasn’t just us enjoying the pull up bar: Which gets me to thinking… Read More »


When I was taking training from Steve Maxwell, he had me email my training goals. This I did and then he designed a program to help me meet them. Simple enough. But what I vividly remember is sneaking in a workout with a friend that had nothing to do with my goals. He berated me for it. I… Read More »

Take Control of Your Morning

I’ve written about the morning routine before. It’s important. It sets the tone for the day. Are you going to be calm and in control or reactive and out of control? The morning sets the tone.

Kids: They Know

I was talking to Nick Lynch the other day. He was asking a hockey coach about his game face – staying calm during a sports event. The coach said he learned the skill from his daughter – his daughter wouldn’t want to be around him when he watched the games because she could sense his tension. She knew.… Read More »

Meditation – What’s Worked for Me

For many people, meditation conjures up tranquil images of someone, usually an attractive female, sitting in full lotus. It’s something that other people do, it’s esoteric, and hey, who has the time to actually do it. Someone once commented on an article I had posted on Facebook about doing nothing—just sitting there. She was frazzled, and had no… Read More »

Reflections on Being a Dad for a Little Over a Year

The last year has brought with it unfathomable change. You just can’t know what having a kid will do to your routine, to your sleep, to your relationship with your wife, to your entire life until you actually have a kid. Kids change everything. They change things even when they are in the womb. There is the anticipation… Read More »

The Benefit of Keeping a Journal

20 years now—that’s how long I’ve been keeping a journal. I can tell you what I did on this day (or close to it) 20 years ago. Some of this stuff is nonsense. But some of it is incredibly instructive. A journal lets you utter some of the thoughts you can’t say to other people. It lets you… Read More »