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Harvey Weinstein, thought control, and introspection

Take this Harvey Weinstein guy. Total predator. Imagine that life of excess and super-wealth. You begin thinking that you can do anything and get away with it. Money and power and bad thoughts in a person’s head. Bad result. It’s not just Weinstein. We are more exposed to a darker undercurrent that underlies institutions we once trusted. Surprise—there… Read More »

An invitation to calmness and poise

Last night I achieved a wonderful state of peace during meditation. Then I went to sleep. In the interim between wakefulness in sleep, my mind kicked up its activity. During the day, of course, I was not always calm or self aware. Probably not dissimilar from most people. Many thoughts, many projects, many details, not always as focused.… Read More »

Are you strong?

Dude how much can you bench? A popular refrain I recall hearing…in high school, and maybe a few years beyond. Then the decades passed—yes almost decades plural. Part of the idealism of youth being replaced with the practicality of experience. Reminds me when my dad told me that old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.… Read More »


“I am calmly active. I am actively calm. I am a Prince of peace sitting on the throne of poise, directing the kingdom of activity.” Paramahansa Yogananda I’ve been thinking a lot about this word lately. Main reason I’m thinking about it is that I had some issues with premature ventricular contractions a while ago. They still come… Read More »

Feeling vital, a story about PVCs

As soon as the walk light flashed orange and told me I had 16 seconds to cross, I sprinted. Well, sprint is relative–I had a 20 pound backpack on. But I hustled, and it was just a reaction. I was feeling good and ready for the physical challenge. I am feeling vital. A bunch of different stuff happened.… Read More »

Chris Caracci’s the Mind in Battle

I used to do Chris Caracci’s exercise tapes. Caracci, a former Navy Seal, would frequently pepper his workouts with tips about how the mind controls the body. He’d have you doing pretty intense calisthenics and at some point you had to decide whether to let your body tell your mind to quit or your mind to compel your… Read More »

The Dread of Night (the fear of fatigue)

“I dread the night,” my wife told me at one point a few months after our first child was born. Do you remember those days? Are you going through them now? You hear the little one cry out–fear shoots up and down your spinal cord, “Oh God, am I gonna have to get up?” If you’re lucky, you… Read More »

Caught Up in the Culture

Getting caught up in the culture you live in is only natural. We learn by copying and that is why if we don’t cast our gaze high—on people with amazing ideals who led by example—we inadvertently cast our gaze low, and spend tremendous amounts of cultural bandwidth on folks like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. It’s important to… Read More »

Ditching Stuff That’s Not Working

It’s not about daily increase, but decrease—hack away the inessential! – Bruce Lee Here is a list of stuff that pisses me off (er, stuff that doesn’t work): Routine passive TV watching – this habit is so lame. If you can tell me intricate details about characters from two or more shows your life needs a complete readjustment.… Read More »