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The benefits of the goblet squat

Strength in your legs is a big deal. Your legs take you everywhere you want to go and a set of good legs will leet you bound up stairs, run, and feel great everywhere you go. Developing your legs helps with your overall body development and it makes it easier to get around. The full squat is one… Read More »

Training changes, the nervous system, and free time

The kids are watching Mister Rogers and I’m heating up a pan for some eggs as I write this post. I was just thinking about the dichotomy between exercise and training. Alan Calvert writes about it. I was doing some presses and just really dialed into the movement. Then, I needed to turn on some tension to complete… Read More »

Single Leg Balance – a quick reminder

It’s really important to do something to improve your balance and your hard-pressed to beat single leg balance. One, it’s not difficult. All you have to do is just stand there. 30 seconds to one minute per foot, 3-5 times per week. Or everyday just to keep it simple. And while you do this, you’re strengthening your feet,… Read More »

Kung fu stances for strong, springy legs

Your legs will feel amazing with these exercises. Every step you take will feel better. You’ll bound up stairs. Your feet, ankles, and knees will get stronger. Your legs will become more flexible. You’ll feel a connection to the ground you’ve never felt in your life and your balance will be incredible. Sound good? It is. And it’s… Read More »

Steve Cotter’s Tech Neck Solution

Keeping my shoulders open is still a challenge. In 2004 I tore my left pec, and that has altered my left side. Working at a desk since 2003 has rolled both shoulders forward. Looking down at a screen hasn’t helped, either. It’s a common condition—head forward, shoulders rounded forward. One of the teachers who I used to follow… Read More »

The benefits of the deadlift

My home gym has swelled with equipment but these days, I find myself returning to the simple barbell. And more specifically, the deadlift. I’ve written about this exercise before, but it deserves more digital ink because it is awesome. Let me start with a quick story—a real quick one. This weekend, kids in the street, dad following along,… Read More »

The Behind the Neck Press

This vilified exercise has always intrigued me. I had some early bad experiences with it, but the words of Rob Lawrence (not a famous lifter by any stretch, but frequently cited by Pavel Tsatsouline who is more on the famous side), who basically said, “It’s not a bad exercise if you have the mobility, have been ringing in… Read More »