Improving Our Default Selections (Habits)

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Killing Junk Thoughts with Bad Emotion

Napoleon Hill writes in his Law of Success that our ability to control our thought is as close to the divine as humans can get. I’m paraphrasing, … [Read more...]

How are you doing?

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Too Much Random Phone Shit

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

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I Have Issues

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My Experiences with Addiction (Lessons Learned)

“I’m just gonna have three drinks,” I promised my girlfriend at the time. Then, when the third went down easy and fast, I ordered a fourth. And … [Read more...]


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How to Drink Alcohol (and develop a good alcohol habit)

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Understanding Nerve Energy for a Healthy and Vigorous Life

The body is strong or weak, as the case may be, depending entirely on whether the nerve-energy is strong or weak. And it should be remembered that the … [Read more...]