I love fitness, and being in shape. And I think it’s made ridiculously complex. It’s not like being healthy and strong is shrouded in mystery and super hard. It’s not like you need fancy clothing and equipment. And you’re better off if you don’t go for all that garbage.

It’s a challenge though. I got a wife, two kids under three, and work and school.

But I can still be vital and strong. I can still work on self mastery through physical exercise and meditation.

I can’t believe how busy having kids has made me. And how busy life in the 30’s with house, mortgage, work, kids is.

I’ve learned a few tricks over the years and had my struggles. I’ve learned from a lot of interesting fitness personalities (Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, and Steve Maxwell mainly) and learned a lot from a bunch of different books. My main thing is office workers. I’d like to see office workers be kick-ass strong.

On this site I blog about health and strength and mostly related topics. I also do youtubes and have a newsletter.