Working Man Fitness gives men resources and ideas to get stronger, more capable, and gain more awareness of habits.

There is a better version of yourself that you must strive to become. Part of this is having a strong, capable, athletic body. But the other part is having a calm mind and being in control of your thoughts.

Are you looking for simple and straightforward information to take your strength and health to the next level? Or have you succumbed to the pressures of life and culture? Do you have a feeling you could be better something (be it work, lack of focus, or addictions to drugs and alcohol) has drained your energy and set you adrift?

Working Man Fitness aims to help you lose weight, get in shape, give up the booze (or at least gain control over it), eat healthy, and be lean, healthy, and strong. The goal is to produce capable, clear-headed and bright-eyed men who live with purpose and inspiration.