Thanksgiving travel, young kids, mind power, and energy – cosmic energy

By | November 27, 2017

Getting ready the night before. The kiddo’s stuff – our stuff – all of it. 3 of 4 are sick (not me!). Ruby goes to sleep and immediately starts coughing. We need rest, and I need to wrap up some work prior to logging off for a week.

Then the vomiting starts. I leave the work and assist the wife with Ruby, cleaning up, comforting, and so on. And there it is in a nutshell—the demands of life with kids, especially young ones. (Let’s not even get into the vomiting in the car on the way to the airport…)

So, this is about energy, developing it and managing it and focusing it. We’re going to consider the nervous system, cosmic energy, and mind power. Here goes:

The Nervous System

John Tilden. Bruce Lee. Pavel Tsatsouline. All of these gentlemen gave me a good understanding of the nervous system. From Tilden we get the idea that if you jam up your body with bad thoughts and bad food, you check your digestion and your elimination, crap piles up in your intestines and then develop toxemia and get sick.

From Bruce Lee we get “From your thought to your fist, how much time is lost?” This gives us insight into Bruce Lee’s phenomenal speed and strength.

From Pavel Tsatsouline, we have sequence of tips for influencing your nervous system to be control more muscles and therefore be instantly stronger.

I guess your nervous system has a certain bandwidth and if you allow crummy thoughts and crummy food to reside in your body and mind, you’ll crowd out good signals and be weaker.

Slowing down and gaining awareness over what is really transpiring on the inside is the key. Become aware of what you’re doing, who you are, and where you’re going in life, based on your current trajectory. It demands eternal vigilance.

Caffeine, alcohol, sugar on the diet side, and jealousy, anger, fear on the mental side are all things to watch for—they will no doubt diminish the power of the nervous system and reduce energy.

Cosmic Energy

Here we have the idea of being surrounded by energy and a capacity for us to take in this energy, through the medula oblongata.

It sounds esoteric but consider that Chris Caracci, a former Navy Seal, said to absorb energy from the sun during a portion of his Death Wish PT. Probably a lot of esoteric stuff at elite levels in the military or in other fields that either bring in a ton of money or involve life or death or the rise and fall of nations.

I bring it up here because apart from the nervous system, there is another source, but this source requires a step level change in terms of awareness. It’s something to consider. If you’re interested in this, start researching Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises. Of course, to get the effects, you’ll have to actually do the exercises…

Mind Power

In a recent newsletter I wrote about willpower. Part of willpower lies in mind power. In some respects, I borrow this phrase from a book of the same name (Mind Power) by John Kehoe. Part of this is positive thinking and rewiring existing faulty patterns and learning to visualize what you want. It’s a recognition that we where we are because of the thoughts we’ve been thinking. None of this stuff is new—you can get this from Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, or hundreds of others.

Part of mind power involves controlling the thoughts that are thunk. So you could complain about the physicality of kids or you could laugh about it and think only of the joy. (because they don’t always puke and they say the damndest things.) The same concept goes for anything: you could worry about work or you could trust that it’ll all work out.

*    *    *

So let’s wrap up. The nervous system, cosmic energy, and mind power…all these things tie in together and deserve study. In terms of nervous system, John Tilden’s Toxemia Explained is a great read. For the concept of cosmic energy, digging into yoga, particularly studying Yogananda Paramahansa’s energization exercises is instructive. For mind power I really enjoy books like “The Magic of Thinking Big” or “The Power of Positive Thinking” or even “Mastery” are great reads – something more on the inspirational side.

These have been a few of the things on my mind as I consider the physicality of having kids and conducting a life. The energy equation is a challenge. The tendency is to artificially stimulate energy and artificially stimulate ourselves through TV and news, and smartphones and so on. But getting in deep and considering the source of energy is essential if we’re going to make progress and “know thyselves.”

The exercise and training is not always just physical. This time around we looked at some of the other aspects of training, perhaps more subtle and closer to the foundation.