Training changes, the nervous system, and free time

By | August 1, 2017

The kids are watching Mister Rogers and I’m heating up a pan for some eggs as I write this post. I was just thinking about the dichotomy between exercise and training. Alan Calvert writes about it. I was doing some presses and just really dialed into the movement. Then, I needed to turn on some tension to complete a rep. And there I switched from exercise to training, and to focusing specifically on the nervous system.

The nervous system says, if you want me to allow you more strength, then you have to do some things to make the body feel protected. So you tighten up, flex your abs, breathe out as thought through a straw, flex your other muscles and boom—you get a couple more reps.

The nervous system is the great regulator. As I get more mature (thanks, kiddos!), I realize more about the bandwidth potential of my nervous system. In fact, I can see how something like negative emotion could take a percentage of my nervous system power and leave me with less to allocate to more important things.

I meditate each night. And when I do, I can tell when I am tight. In fact, I don’t even always need to slow down and meditate to feel that I am tight. Tight = tension. This means there is a whole interplay of thoughts in my mind. I’m definitely working on this, turning those thoughts down and staying more calm and relaxed. I wonder what nervous system advantages I’ll have when I dial down the volume of useless thoughts?

Out of school for the summer right now so that has meant projects at home and more home stuff in general. With kids 2 and 4 we are seeing an increase in personal time and a reduction in the physicality of parenthood. It’s also meant longer training sessions and better recovery.

Here’s one I did tonight:

  • Hand to hand kb swing 36lb 40 reps
  • Dbl clean 2x53lb kb 5 reps
  • Single arm kb military press 36 lb 4 sets of 5
  • Dbl clean 2x53lb kb 8 reps
  • 2 hand swing w/ 106lb kb – 2 sets of 5
  • Dumbbell curl 3 sets of 5 w/ 30 lbs
  • Nora and Ruby came home with grandparents – had to go upstairs
  • Goblet squat with Nora – 1 set of 5
  • Pistols – 2 sets of 3

This one got cut short. Did a huge amount of work over the weekend so I don’t feel cheated. Lately we’ve finished our night with the kids with a walk around the neighborhood. Some hills make for a decent workout when you’re pushing 50 pounds!

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