Things that screw you down the line

By | May 9, 2017

I write this channeling my Supply Chain professor. His colorful language can quickly convey meaning and is amusing to me. Anyway, what can possibly screw you down the line?

Sitting too much and not moving enough. We sit too much. No doubt. We gotta get up and move. But walking isn’t enough. We need to “take” exercise like we take vitamins or like how some of us take our prescription meds to control our heart or our cholesterol. Seriously now. The pharmaceutical companies are not your friends. They gotta a product to sell and they want demand to be up for their product. Let’s be honest with ourselves here: many of the top health issues are totally preventable. That means those who get them lack self-control. Hey—no accusing here. I’m nursing a gouty toe. WTF? Still have lessons to learn apparently.

The smart phone. I had this Amish quote that I got from way back in the late 90’s. I used to really enjoy reading Justin Hall’s site. No idea what he is up to now, but an interesting dude, for sure. He’s the one who got me started on the web. Anyway, the quote. “We don’t consider using the tool until we consider what kind of people we become when we use the tool.” Let’s apply that to the smart phone. Do you become distracted, less efficient, and preoccupied? Yikes. That damn phone. So convenient. But maybe better if we learn to use it as a tool versus becoming a slave. Slap my face, please, if you see me buried in my device and distracted.

Eating like shit. A bit of colorful language here. You don’t need to be a diet nazi, but you do need to watch what you eat and get plenty of fruits and vegetables. Watch your meat intake, too. We eat too much meat. Argh! My poor toe and that fine Indian cuisine that gave me this gout attack.

Poor thinking patterns. I’ve been meditating more and more and as I do so I’m exposed to thought patterns which totally screw me up. Likely, you have your own set of thought patterns which totally screw you up. Maybe inherited from family, school, or culture. Who knows. But they lurk beneath the surface and will never be uncovered if every free moment is tied up on a smart phone or in inane conversation.

I’ll cut it off there. I’ve been studying for my supply chain exam—taking a break now—and I needed to use this professor-induced inspiration to write this post. Hey, thanks for reading.

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