Nervous system aggravation

By | April 10, 2017

The nervous system is where it is at. It’s vitality. Things that weaken it include lack of poise, poor food, and over training. It’s suboptimal to have a run-down nervous system. Here I’m going to talk about calmness, exercise, and eating and how they affect your nervous system. Really, this is about vitality and how doing doing these things right makes you feel better.

One area where I think many people, including myself, overspend their nervous system is in lack of poise. You can also think of this as calmness. I’ve been studying Paramahansa Yoganandya’s lessons and lesson 11 says basically that your ability to control your emotions is the big key—and that means calmness. There are many subsequent lessons about the importance of remaining calm.

Back to the nervous system, with the 5×5 training I’ve been writing about, you stimulate it just enough to keep making gains. This type of training is more like skill-based. You pick a big exercise like the squat, and you develop a lot of skill in executing the movement. This can mean adding weight, deepening and improving the movement pattern, control of the movement, and so on. Some people might be able to do it 3 times per week, especially someone in their teens and 20’s. Or, someone without a lot of other demands on their time, or someone who just so calm that they didn’t burn up their energy during the day with stress and excessive thinking.

And that leads me to the next area where we abuse our nervous system: food. I’m not proud of it, but I have a 2 cup a day (sometimes 3!) coffees. It’s borderline too much and such a reflexive habit. Hey—I like getting up and getting a coffee. It’s a perk of the office at one location and at the other there is a Starbucks so who can complain? But coffee is in my intake, my food. We eat pretty healthy. Grass fed beef, high quality chicken, salads, and veggies. There is some sugar occasionally, and previously we had a two bottle of wine a week habit between my wife and I.

I mention all this because that’s how you need to think about your food intake to find out if you’re devitalizing yourself through food. Do you have a lot of processed stuff or too much meat and bread and not enough vegetables? Too much caffeine? Too much stimulation? That is, too much Facebook or TV? Again, all things that impact the nervous system.

This is on my mind because this week I got sick. It’s work stress for sure, since I’ve been covering another job for 3 months, but it didn’t help that I got pink eye from my daughter, either. I had pushed my training heavier that week because I was anticipating a back off week. It was a perfect storm for a devitalized nervous system to succumb to illness. Overall this winter I have been pretty healthy.

Alright. That about covers it. Being calm, training, and eating—big things in life that influence your nervous system and a few recommendations. One more thing about the calm. In the aforementioned Paramahansa Yogananda lessons, there are tips for keeping calm. One tip I liked is to engage with someone who irritates you and then don’t let them irritate you. Be able to remain calm and not let it bother you. Good stuff, there.

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