Daily habits and the destruction they can cause

By | January 21, 2017

Most of health lies in daily habits and there are a few that are pretty straightforward—keeping caffeine, alcohol, and sugar intake low, exercising, and meditating are great habits that lead to increased health and well-being. Now that things are normalizing with Ruby at 16 months and mostly sleeping through the night and I’m more adjusted in my new job—it’s easier.

With any change, it requires eternal vigilance. One of my favorite songs is Pink Floyd’s High Hopes and there is a great lyric in there that goes: “Steps taken forward and sleep walking back again.” You take a step forward and unconsciously slide back—that’s why vigilance is required. I suppose I’m fortunate that I typically get pretty strong signals from my body when I’m living incorrectly, see my recent post about PVCs and my post about gout.

The question is are you having warning signs? Are there things you know you could be doing better? Mostly we avoid these kind of introspective thoughts and they typically aren’t the subject of conversation. But there is great value into being forthright with yourself in terms of how you are conducting yourself and then making changes when you find aspects of your Self that are missing the mark.

One final thought. One of Yogananda Paramahansa’s students was surprised that his teacher didn’t care if he drank or smoked or whatever. Yogananda Paramahansa’s view was that with continued meditation, the desire for lower activities would disappear. So, while meditation is sometimes challenging, it’s probably the most important thing. Be honest—if you have a smartphone and live in a first world country, your life is likely one of distraction and scatteredness due to that device that studies show is rarely no more than 15 feet from you.

Meditate, meditate, meditate. Introspect.

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