Posture Exercises for Computer Users (practically everyone)

Many people sit around all day with their heads forward and their chests sunken.

It’s not us—it’s our occupations!

The fact is, when you’re occupied with driving, working at a computer, or texting your lover—unless you’re vigilant—it’s easy to fall into the head forward, sunken chest trap.

¿Ask Yourself a Question?

What is your current posture going to look like later. Multiply your posture by time. Chances are, if you’re honest, you’ll see room for improvement.

Here are Some Exercises to Improve Your Posture

  The Face the Wall Squat
A great active, corrective drill to help you open your chest and put your neck in proper alignment.
  Spinal Twist to Retain Mobility
We’re always looking forward. We don’t rotate our spines enough. We have to supplement if we want to retain that mobility.
  Three Stretches to Improve Your Posture
Make sure you hit your hamstrings and hip flexors. Here are a couple stretches you can do for those areas and another chest-opening stretch.

Remember: Be vigilant about your posture. It’s a low-hanging fruit for increasing your overall well-being.

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