Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar Review

When buying things online, particularly things that cost in the hundreds of dollars, you want to be careful. I was skeptical about the Trapeze Rigging pull up bar, but it delivers.

What I Like About the Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar

  • It assembles in under a minute. If you don’t have a place for your pull up bar to sit out, then this pull up bar is the only option.
  • It’s lightweight. I can put it in the carrying bag and take it to a friend’s place easily. If I’m conducting classes, it’s easy to take it with me.
  • It’s rugged and functional. I needed a freestanding pull up bar. The Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar is freestanding—it works, and it works well.
  • I can use it in conjunction with my Lifeline Jungle Gym to do pull ups, dips, and rows.

What I Don’t Like About the Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar

  • It’s a little wobbly. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it does move when you use it. Here’s the thing: it hardly moves at all if you do your pull ups and chin ups smoothly and under control. In a way, the wobbliness is a good thing.
  • I would like it to be a bit taller. I’m 6’2″ with long, monkey-like arms. I’d like to be able to do hanging leg raises with my arms straight and not have my feet hit the floor.

As far as I know, the only real competition with this bar is the TAPS pull up bar. I’ve used that one, too. The bar is a little thicker than I like, it weighs 95 lbs., and it costs $515. In my mind, there is really no comparison.

Trapeze Rigging Pull up Bar works perfectly.

I’m pretty impressed with this bar. It’s a great addition to any home gym.

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