Steve Cotter’s Tech Neck Solution

Keeping my shoulders open is still a challenge. In 2004 I tore my left pec, and that has altered my left side. Working at a desk since 2003 has rolled both shoulders forward. Looking down at a screen hasn’t helped, either. It’s a common condition—head forward, shoulders rounded forward. One of the teachers who I used to follow… Read More »

5×5 ish training notes and video

I’ve been keeping it simple: 3-5 sets, 3-5 reps, 3-5 exercises. The main exercises are deadlifts, dips, squats, and chin ups. In that order. I was doing this two days per week, using a thickbar for the deadlift, for about 3 months. Lately, I’ve changed the second workout to incorporate some overhead pressing and soon some t-bar rows.… Read More »

Taking a rest—a good thing

Push, push, push. Seems to be the American way. Push, push, push leaves no time for relaxation and reflection…and integration. How can you integrate what’s been learned without pausing to let it assimilate? In training this is called the back off week. It keeps you from overdoing it. It’s like this: three weeks on, one week off. The… Read More »

How fast do you need to progress?

I used to always increase the weight in my lifts. The problem is that muscles react fast, but tendons and ligaments don’t. So, inevitably one day I’d realize I’d done some damage and then I’d have an injury and have to recover. Gradually, over time, I’ve learned to dial this urge back. What’s the point of lifting more… Read More »

Plenty of strength for daily life

There is a line in Pavel Tsatsouline’s Beyond Stretching book that goes like this, “Americans don’t think they can be flexible enough, but the truth is you only need flexibility just a bit beyond the range your sport demands.” It’s interesting that Pavel doesn’t think the same way about strength. I agree that strength is important, but there… Read More »

The benefits of the deadlift

My home gym has swelled with equipment but these days, I find myself returning to the simple barbell. And more specifically, the deadlift. I’ve written about this exercise before, but it deserves more digital ink because it is awesome. Let me start with a quick story—a real quick one. This weekend, kids in the street, dad following along,… Read More »

Focus (again)

I’ve written about this topic several other times, even using the title “focus”. Hence, Focus (again). It’s an important topic and I find I need to continually remind myself about it. As a younger dude, I would be keen on too much variety. But focus in training is essential. Focus in life is essential. I have Stuart Briscoe… Read More »