The cult of the kettlebell

I’d say I owe a lot to the writings of Pavel Tsatsouline. I got in early—2003. Took the RKC, once as a student, another time as an assistant instructor for Steve Maxwell’s group. It was pretty great, although there were definitely some cult-like aspects to it. The kettlebell is the shit, we’re learning so much, so many stupid… Read More »

The week – training, stress, busyness

Over last weekend the servers on which the application that our team has spent the last 2 years developing crashed. Major IT infrastructure failure. 7 days laters things still aren’t right. If’s fucked with my head, no doubt. It’s a big deal and we have people relying on our application – somewhat critical. It does make me think,… Read More »

Harvey Weinstein, thought control, and introspection

Take this Harvey Weinstein guy. Total predator. Imagine that life of excess and super-wealth. You begin thinking that you can do anything and get away with it. Money and power and bad thoughts in a person’s head. Bad result. It’s not just Weinstein. We are more exposed to a darker undercurrent that underlies institutions we once trusted. Surprise—there… Read More »

Deeper information on isometric stretching (video)

Previously I’ve written about isometric stretching and some of the benefits. Isometric anything is really pretty incredible. Steve Justa—a super strong dude—said that isometrics made him feel like a machine and gave him incredible results in terms of being stronger in physical tasks (in his case, bailing hay). Bruce Lee used them. Nuff said. There is something super-beneficial… Read More »

The benefits of the goblet squat

Strength in your legs is a big deal. Your legs take you everywhere you want to go and a set of good legs will leet you bound up stairs, run, and feel great everywhere you go. Developing your legs helps with your overall body development and it makes it easier to get around. The full squat is one… Read More »

An invitation to calmness and poise

Last night I achieved a wonderful state of peace during meditation. Then I went to sleep. In the interim between wakefulness in sleep, my mind kicked up its activity. During the day, of course, I was not always calm or self aware. Probably not dissimilar from most people. Many thoughts, many projects, many details, not always as focused.… Read More »

Training changes, the nervous system, and free time

The kids are watching Mister Rogers and I’m heating up a pan for some eggs as I write this post. I was just thinking about the dichotomy between exercise and training. Alan Calvert writes about it. I was doing some presses and just really dialed into the movement. Then, I needed to turn on some tension to complete… Read More »

How to be a strong dad

I remember it like it was yesterday. I came home and all three of my “girls” my wife included, were having meltdowns. It’d been tense. I was in school, we’re busy, two kids, mortgage, responsibilities. You probably know what it’s like—most of my readers are 30 and above. This time, inspiration struck and I just said let’s just… Read More »