Your biggest impediment to progress

It’s reflection time. Let’s think about 2017 and decide what we want to change in 2018. Or let’s take the long look back—5 or 10 years—and decide what needs to be different in the future. As I was doing Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises this morning a thought drifted into my head. What is my biggest impediment to progress?… Read More »

Steve Maxwell’s Thanksgiving Gift

Those who have read this site for a while (thanks, by the way!) know that I’ve taken a lot of training from Steve Maxwell and have been heavily influenced by him. Hey—take a look around. How many people do you see in their 60s who are in as good of shape as Steve Maxwell? Not to mention how… Read More »

Hand and forearm strength saves the day

It’s all about being strong and capable. I mean, really. No one wants to be weak and incapable, right? Of course not. So that brings me to the impromptu wrestling match with my 18 year old, athletic, nephew. Each year it’s like a test of strength. This year, shit, he was stronger again! I knew it’d be different… Read More »

The cult of the kettlebell

I’d say I owe a lot to the writings of Pavel Tsatsouline. I got in early—2003. Took the RKC, once as a student, another time as an assistant instructor for Steve Maxwell’s group. It was pretty great, although there were definitely some cult-like aspects to it. The kettlebell is the shit, we’re learning so much, so many stupid… Read More »

The week – training, stress, busyness

Over last weekend the servers on which the application that our team has spent the last 2 years developing crashed. Major IT infrastructure failure. 7 days laters things still aren’t right. If’s fucked with my head, no doubt. It’s a big deal and we have people relying on our application – somewhat critical. It does make me think,… Read More »