The need for media and stimulation

How often do you just sit and do nothing? I mean, no phone, no TV, no conversation…no thoughts. Or, how often do you sit and just think about things? You know, your life – God, family, friends, work… Pick up the phone and scroll, scroll, scroll… Get in the car after a day of work and go, go,… Read More »

Night time workouts?

I’m not really accustomed to working out at 8pm at night, but things change. After the third time going into my daughter’s room (the last time to assure her that if she doesn’t want to go to ballet it’s ok, she doesn’t have to be concerned about it), I decided it was time to work out. As I’ve… Read More »

Your biggest impediment to progress

It’s reflection time. Let’s think about 2017 and decide what we want to change in 2018. Or let’s take the long look back—5 or 10 years—and decide what needs to be different in the future. As I was doing Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises this morning a thought drifted into my head. What is my biggest impediment to progress?… Read More »

Steve Maxwell’s Thanksgiving Gift

Those who have read this site for a while (thanks, by the way!) know that I’ve taken a lot of training from Steve Maxwell and have been heavily influenced by him. Hey—take a look around. How many people do you see in their 60s who are in as good of shape as Steve Maxwell? Not to mention how… Read More »